2017 Tacoma HOG Road Captains

2017 Tacoma HOG Road Captains Group Photo

Tacoma HOG Head Road Captain

Pat FairHead Road Captain

A Tacoma H.O.G. Road Captain's mission is to make sure the ride is safe and fun for the entire group. They are available to assist riders with the ride making sure everyone gets to the designated destinations, and that every rider knows their way back to the shop. They are also available to assist when the unfortunate happens.

Before going on a group ride, or any ride, check out the Safety Tips and Group Riding techniques on the Tacoma HOG Safety page. There is a wealth of information located on that page that every rider should know and remember.

Most rides plans are developed using the Harley-Davidson Ride Planner. The GPS files, map, and driving directions are shared on the Tacoma HOG Event Calendar, so the ride plan can easily be downloaded to your GPS or printed out for turn by turn directions. More information on ride planning can be found in the Tacoma HOG Library.

Interested in becoming a Road Captain? Contact our Head Road Captain for all the information you will need to become a Tacoma HOG Road Captain.

Tacoma HOG Road Captains

Tony ArbicorRoad Captain
Mark "Corndog" BanzhofRoad Captain
David BowenRoad Captain
Terry "Godzilla" CarterRoad Captain
Paul DavisRoad Captain
Frank FergusonRoad Captain
Paul "Porky" FreemanRoad Captain
Larry "Papa Smurf" HeringRoad Captain
Brian JonesRoad Captain
Darren KukukRoad Captain
Victor MarisRoad Captain
Chuck MarshRoad Captain
Ralph "Mac" MckinnonRoad Captain
Rick RaeRoad Captain
Jess SkillingsRoad Captain
Sean SmithRoad Captain
Darcy StrattonRoad Captain
James TuckerRoad Captain
Michael VernonRoad Captain
Paul WelshRoad Captain

Tacoma HOG Road Captains Prospects

Robyn BradshawRoad Captain Prospect
Doug GlazeRoad Captain Prospect
Rod GrebRoad Captain Prospect
Treasea MillerRoad Captain Prospect
Randy SheppardRoad Captain Prospect