Ride 365 | 1/1/23-12/31/23

Ride 365 | 1/1/23-12/31/23

RIDE 365 is from JAN. 1st - DEC. 31st

Ride 365 is the Harley Owners Group National Ride Program. It incorporates 4 separate riding challenges with rewards. These Programs run from January 1 st until December 31 st .

These are:

1) National and Regional Chapter Challenges: This is where our Chapter competes against each and every Chapter in the Nation. There is an overall National Champion, Regional Champions (6), and a Regional Average Miles per Participant award. You must ride in to any HD dealership and ask to have your miles recorded. You have to do a minimum of two recordings per year. One at the beginning and one at the end of the year. Please help your Chapter compete both Nationally and Regionally, record your miles today.

2) 10 for ’23: Harley Davidson has picked out 10 locations around the US. Ride to one of the locations, take a picture of it with you, your bike, your membership book or a copy, and submit it to Harley Davidson for your reward. You will receive a poker chip of the location and because this year is the 40 th Anniversary of HOG you will also receive a Challenge Coin of that location. The locations change every year so don’t miss out. NOTE: We have one in our backyard this year!

3) 50 Rides 1 Nation: In each and every state of this great Nation, Harley Davidson has picked out a Ride to a location. All you have to do is ride to that location, take your picture of you, your bike, and membership book and submit to Harley. You will receive a one of a kind State Challenge Coin. These locations DO NOT EVER change. Once you get all 50 coins you will receive a large Rivet placed on the Rivet wall at the Harley Davidson Museum and also receive a small Rivet for your home.

4) Dealership Check In’s: Ride to any Worldwide Harley Davidson Dealership, take your picture of you, your bike, your membership book or copy, and submit to Harley Davidson for your reward. Prize list to be found on the National Website after you enroll As always, there is much more information at the National HOG Website www.hog.com


From Nationa HOG:
Every day the road calls - 365 days a year, every year. How often do you respond? The more your ride, the more miles you rack up, the closer you get to reaching true clarity. H.O.G.® honors that passion with a series of riding/mileage programs: Lifetime, Annual, Chapter and destination challenges including the Dealership Check-In Challenge and the new 50 Rides, One Nation and 10 Rides for '20 Challenges.  New in 2020, qualifying H.O.G.® members now earn one point on their Harley-Davidson VISA® card® for every mile you ride on your H-D® motorcycle, up to 50,000 miles in a calendar year. That’s up to $500 in H-D™ gift cards. How far are you ready to go? Get started today - and ride into an elevated experience.Let's rack up those miles!

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